About this blog

So far as I know, I’m just your average modern homeowner. I’m not all that handy, and I just want my home to be in livable, working condition. But I have a big brother who finds all kinds of things wrong with my house. The more you know that’s wrong, the more there is to fix.

Amazingly, I almost never understand how big a deal a particular issue is until I talk to him. My brother has been called “Project Man” for a long time. He’s a home inspector and keeps finding new types of inspections to do. As he learns more about home performance, so do I. The difference is, he gets it, and I don’t. I’ve become a reluctant do-it-yourselfer. Most of the time, I’d rather find a work around than actually fix something. Much of that comes from my failure to understand the full problem, let alone the solution. With big brother’s guidance, I’m taking some baby steps.

I hope you join me on my DIY discoveries, laugh at my mistakes, and maybe even learn something about taking care of your own home!


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