Dirty Carpets

Both my old house and my new one have light carpets. In the old one (built in 2003), I had a problem with black dirt in my carpet along the baseboards and under doors I kept closed (utility and linen closets, guest rooms, etc.). I didn’t have that problem in the middle of the floor or where I kept doors open. I assumed I just didn’t vacuum enough, but when I prepared to sell that house, that really was not a possible cause – I vacuumed twice a day! I went through a lot of Spot Shot to clean the carpet. While the issue annoyed me, I didn’t think to look at a cause.

So today I randomly read a blog post about the cause of that problem. While I have several posts planned for the future about sealing a leaky house (and this house isn’t even all that leaky), I’m not yet ready to start blogging about it. However, this carpet issue is too useful to keep to myself right now. Check out the Energy Vanguard blog post on dirty carpets!


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