A Hole in the Wall

Bad things come in threes, as the saying goes. Sometimes those bad things come in parallel. In this case, they came in series. Sometimes a homeowner – or even a renter – needs to patch a hole in their wall…or ceiling.

The first step in patching a hole is to make the hole a workable shape, such as a square or rectangle. The same size and shape is then cut from a new piece of drywall. There’s a product called fiberglass tape. It’s cream colored and gridded, somewhat like a window screen. The new drywall is initially held in place by the tape. Joint compound is like clay, and can be bought prepared or in powder form. The clay is applied over the tape and covers the tape’s texture. For smooth drywall, the clay should be carefully smoothed over. After the joint compound dries thoroughly, the whole new piece of drywall can be painted and viola – hole repaired!


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